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Whack The Thief

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“Whack the thief” is another fascinating game from kill somebody series. Imagine that some thief got into your house. You main goal is to take care of that intruder in any possible way! The game developers give you 10 different possible ways to conduct justice. Imagine for a moment that you are sitting in home, playing video games, when unexpectedly a thief gets into your house. You surely don`t like it when somebody interrupts you from having a rest in your favorite style. But how could a poor burglar know that you don`t like that much to see unexpected guests? How could he possibly know what awaits him for his mistake? He thinks that you do not notice him and tries to steal something from you. In the game Whack The Thief, you can choose different ways of dealing with brazen thief. Now the fate of the robber is in your hands! You will find various objects in the room with which you can punish the thief. Manage your character, use a big variety of weapons and enjoy a delightful animation. Animations are very cheerful and funny, and the number of instruments of punishment just rolls over. Test yourself, if you can find them and get rid of pesky thieves? Try it - it's funny and not difficult. Play Whack The Thief online and catch the maximum number of thieves before they have time to escape. Easy controls: just click on a certain thief. And then it's up to you: if you want to see a sea of blood, go on. Find the most brutal and a sophisticated way to punish those responsible. Try this simple and dynamic game. Playing this wonderful action you will definitely get a real pleasure. Players of all ages spend a great time with it. Most importantly, there are 2 different game modes. In this game can play up to 4 players, and you can manually adjust the level of difficulty. A simple game in order to spend time with pleasure in a company of friends with a lot of fun.